May 1st. Prof ? did me the honor of staying the night. This morning went with him to see the [settlers?] and then my ploughman being sick took to it myself; hoed about 1 acre just as a beginning and then killed a little Blind Bullock [by?] [?] came in got coffee filled up my journal from the 11th & now feeling most delightfully inclined for sleep shall retire to my hair mattrass thankfully [?] an enviable [?] [?] accidents excepted.
20th To this date as busy as possible putting in my [?] nothing between then & the first having elapsed [?] notice except a journey [?] to 

[comfortably?] if it were not for [?] 
to go between the Plough [heade?] [???]
as a [Servant?] was on a 
[?] if some of my family should take a peep
they [?] find a wonderful change. [??]

may one day be my lot, wrote a letter home [x?]
[??] stupid me wrote also to [??]
about a prisoner: had a [?] after [?]
me, but [?] me up a 
flute player and [Infant?] pedagogue
useful accomplishments for a farm. returned
here having made a determination to have
none of your [?] if I can avoid it [?]
my mind that a little learning in a day 

little in today for an experiment: let to work [?]
planting my house but from want of a [screen?] could
not I made a good job of it. [???]

Shower yesterday which woke a few [???]
[?] down the remainder of 

21. [???] knows whether divers cracks in
my hut having been filled up caused it to
be so much hotter that I di not enjoy my rest
as usual, for I rose before daylight & mounting
a horse took [?] after my [working?] [?]
which had the food [?] to find full two
hours before their usual time; Breakfasted
immediately & went to plough where I staid
until 12 when [?] came & I noticed
perhaps not [?] much [???]
of a [?] [face?] when Townshend joined us
and in the Evening after tea sat down to a
rubber at Whist playing 6 [?]
I came off in [?] [loser?] [???]
my own [?] at a little part the [?] when
[??] after a ride so dark that I
[could?] [??] distinguish the road
22 [???]
Ploughed a [?] when Town- & Webber came
for the purpose of breakfasting with me:
After meal we started on horseback to view the
[??] hill & [kill?] a Kangaroo if we [?]
having about [8 dogs?] of all [?] & [?]
from the tiny spaniel to the [?] Kangaroo --
Spaniel did not like staying back & [?]
the others, eager to follow had [???]
of all our calling ran ahead
[???] in that way [?]

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed