July 4th 1833. Left Windsor at 6 am in company with
[?] [?]. arrived at Sydney by the Coach at about
eleven after a very dirty & dusty ride, [went?] to [Cummings?]
and got breakfast, hired a Horse from [?], and
called [upon?] Manning, [?], Scott, & Carter.
Met Ryder in the Street, who asked me to come and dine
with him to celebrate the Christening of his First Child
& said: "Sweet to the Father is his first born's birth. [?]
[me?] how I was situated being [?] to Mr Manning. [Back?]
in the [?], and went there [?] a small part and 
partook of most excellent fare, left at 1/2 past 9 [met?]
Mrs Scott, who had promised me a seat in her [carriage?]
[?] late just in time to hear it [?] away from the
door: I [?] as fast as I could, hired a Horse & 
at full gallop went there arrived about 10, everyone
there & dancing commenced, after paying my respects to
Mr & Mrs M. [crushed?] into the room which was crowded
to excess. Supper about 12 & a most splendid one, [every?]
luxury that could be fancied and everything of the best.
about 131 were present dancing continued until 3
in the morning [?] [band?] when the company separted all delighted
& none more so than myself. The next day did a little
business signed a petition for the abolition or
alteration of a late act of Council, curtailing the power of
the Magistrates, and too clearly defining most lenient
punishments for offences. [?] to a certain extent [?]
the Master [?] the Servant, who knowing what penalty
he must pay and no more, makes up his mind for it, and
sins to the utmost limit of his tether. dined at Mr
Mannings; 6th intended to have left town but could
not get my business finished, dined at Mrs [Scott?]
and spent a pleasant day or [?] afternoon. [Sunday?]
left Sydney. Got to Parramatta dined with [?]
and supped with [Blackbarn?] and [?] [?]


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