[16?] tremendous rain for the last 3 dayst\
to attend the [?] at
[?] Plains & returned on the 23d, remained [?]
almost impossible to move or do anything [re?]
ploughing & all in [?] [??] [time?] --
24th weather seems to have changed from rain to a 
bitter cold wind which came today winter's [?]
over to hear all the news. good[?]
26th for have I determined how
to [tile?] up my french windows & make it a little
habitable for [?] were it not for the [?]
[?] on my with almost equal [?]
be in the [?] [air?]
28th In great fidgets cold in the head, [very?] miserable
[?] determined [?] a [???]

they were just at Breakfast & could not [?]
a second [?] with them, over

River were as luck would have it boat was 
ready & getting in [swam?] my horse after it.
the fellow before he allowed me to look at him
said [?] came to the 

[?] 28th after Breakfast started with Ellen Osilow before me for Mr [Bloom?] where Mr & Mrs Osilow were staying. However, met them on the way & returned to [??] where meeting Mr Wilnson passed a most [?] evening : Mr [Cox?] is one of the [lowest?] settlers and his farm has local advantages equal to any the House is spacious & the garden well stocked with healthy orange trees, gives an idea how splendidly that tree would flourish on the Hunter; a [?] is [?] close by in the hills of [?] shingled over & called the St Michael the First Store opened on an [??] 
29th; Left after Breakfast, with [Ogilvie?] the [?]  [?] the preparations for the execution of seven unfortunate wretches found guilty at the late [?], a large dog was being [?] in the forest just opposite the new [?] [(?)]

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