March 29. Before I left Townshend the woman before mentioned came up to me to say that [och?] faith, her husband had not come home the night before & she feared he was [lost?] and sure to be out in such a night would be his death. I went in search [toward?] the Bush to my farm but unsuccessful mounted upon horse I went through mountains to Mr Mathers & going along supply [camps?] happened to look up towards a mountain & looking over the brink of a precipice were the very Cattle I had long been looking for, joyfully [?] and I've got you this time, "Oh if that [?] and they led me a pretty chase till I got them to [?] [yard?], where I got a good lunch & he is coming with me, came to my place where we arrived just as darkness was setting & Mr. [Fraser?] was home before us.
30. [?] I went to [?] Mr. Parks Estate on which as yet there is little done the settlement being in swaddling clothes, but him and Mr Forsythe by we were coming along  agreed upon their all dining at Cainpally[?]. We went toward [?] finished at Townshends. In the evening [?] and Adair joined us also.
2 [???] tobacco [???]
at [?], killed a Bullock & a [??]
nobody understanding anything about it [?]
[?] staid the night.
3. [???]
April 4th Sunday. Dined at Townshends, met [?] James & [Sir?]
Adair [?] & Park upon the subject of [?]
[???] of which we have just received a
favourable answer. nothing transpired. Figs in abundance
[?] eating which a [Cairns?] [?] place on the
[?] occasioned [?] say by some [?], violent rain,
5th which continued during the night the morning was
fine I had the [tail?] taken off a Colt which was
done remarkably well by [?] overseer. no burning
or anything but merely tied up with a little tow
Between the hair, [rain?] commenced in the Evening
which continued heavy without a [pattern?] the [?]
6 & the whole of th day, nothing done ditch full of
water stream running in all directions.
7. Very fine sun out & everything going on well
had about [?] it being too wet to Plough
Piled up [load?] for Burning. Lambing going on
well, the Rams have been im my flock about 2 weeks
in order to have a Sept lambing which is decidely
the best time, [were?] it hot for the [stream?] [Frank?]
returned from [?] Plains after having been [about?] 
3 days about [his??]
8. A Fine day took a ride over to [?] & [??] & a 
few sips; [?] Ploughing towards Evening became [along?]
9. Good Friday & plenty of rain [down?] & Park spent the
Evening with me and went home in heavy rain
10th Exceedingly heavy rain for the day, walked over to
[??] in the night
11 Sunday, home to breakfast, found that the Cattle had
passed the river in the night [?] which it had been
impassable to any but good swimmers. [?] out
of thirteen [???]
I swam over & with much difficulty & [whip?] made
the cattle [?] Rivers are an [?] & [?] here

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed