March 29. Before I left Townshend the woman before mentioned came up to me to say that [och?] faith, her husband had not come home the night before & she feared he was [lost?] and sure to be out in such a night would be his death. I went in search [?] the Bush to my farm but unsuccessful mounted upon horse I went through mountains to Mr Mathers & going along supply[?] ? happened to look up towards a mountain & walking [?] over the brink of a precipice were the very Cattle I had long been looking for, joyfully [?] and I've got you thins time, "Oh if that [?] and they led me a pretty chase till I got them to [?] gate, where I got a good lunch & he is coming with me, came to my place where we arrived just as darknefs was setting & Mr. [Fraser/] was home before us.
30. [?] I went to [?] Mr. Parks Estate on which as yet there is little done the settlement being in swaddling clothes, but him and Mr Forsythe by we were coming along very agreed upon their all dining at Cainpally[?]. We went toward [?] finished at Townshends. In the evening [?] and Adair joined us also.

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