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10th, [My dray?] arrived at [Mallis] Plains all right [delayed] only by the [hardships?] of the roads which  were very bad, [?.] & getting ready to [.....]  slept there the night
11th, Left after breakfast & coming opposite to Mr Cary's found that to cross the river  may [...] meet [horse] & thinking she would have [plenty]  to do without my weight led her through with [some] difficulty [nothing] is I think  more foolish than [entering] into water without being very certain of your [horse?]. I once did so & by to & by the merest chance escaped. The levies in this country rise exceedingly quick and are very rapid & in most parts the banks are precipitous / dined?] at [? Cliffs] &[???ding?]  late in the evening
12th Got intelligence of the[??] of my [Back] laying & feed state, ploughing & at [??? Place -
13th. Separated my sheep & ploughman in charge to my own shepherd Total [ 467 head ] also my cattle & [??] next to my own farm-----------
14 Sunday after praying & an early dinner [???] & myself took a ride which I did not enjoy at all,
15th Marked 132 last year lambs & on coming to [??] found that one of my goat [skin?] huts had been [???] of all the eatables it contained immediately [least ten?] muskets & Hacks &{?????] heading [??????] [???] I went with him with 5 hacks & after [where?] time put in my [track?} of these men which they[act??] king Hack forward with the greatest ease . over tremendous hills until [one????] [??????] it [?????] {??] think {effort?] [ hunt ?] could have given me greater interest. first as might cause me
thinking clouded over it began to rain & thunder great signs of the approaching [ with night??]. We got to an old sheepstation where [???] what once had been called a hut under this we all together[ ??????] and were [ really??] not very uncomfortable but very hungry; at day break we again we all [ventured??] & took direction

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