The sudden & mysterious disappearance of the late [Sir?] ?
[??] has in this neighbourhood caused the [?] [since?]
[?] weeks last Tuesday have now elapsed since the 
report by his 2 servants was [raised?] that he had left for
a few days & had not returned to the [time?] promised.
Three or four weeks went by without any [?] [?]
[Lewis'?] [?], as the Deceased in his own neighbourhood
was not on terms of Intimacy with this im
mediate neighbour, & his [disposition?] was such that
he [seldom?] [turned?] his mind to those about him It was con
sequently supposed that he had either gone to Sydney
or Port Stephens upon [?] : [?] being ob
tained from different parts of the Colony that he
had no where been either heard of or seen : His friends
began to entertain serious fears & his father
Mr M [Lord?] immediately as a magistrate ordered
the different district constables to meet at [??]
and [?] joined by Mr Townshend & [?] [more?] of the
immediate neighbours held an investigation . The [?]
13th [?] where several [deprivations?] were taken but
nothing occurred in any way to clear up the mystery
in which the [cave?] was involved: out of 15 men most of whom
were employed about the house & building, not one
[the?] [Horse?] [?] & captured had [seen?] [?] [Mr?] on the horse
on which by the house servant he was stated to have left
his horse nor could he himself state which direction
his master had taken tho in all other respects [?] little
circumstance as to the [days?] the conversation & [he?] [took?]
most [steady?] : [?] thing, all [?] led to a
supposition that with [Mr?] he had destroyed himself
or had been murdered by some of his men who at that
time were employed splitting & clearing at some
distance from home. And one of his servants of the
[?] of [?] who had been at the [Bench?] the day
previous, and had stated to having met his master
as he was returning home: Expectation was raised
of his [?] part of the remains concealed in the
[?] & the parts [????]
[?] 3 Blacks proceeded down the river & [?]
[reached?] without the least [?] for about 3 miles
To the day's work ended apparently nothing [?]
from it that could [?] the Question
a day or two subsequent to Mr [?] disappearance his
men had been by warrant taken from the [?]
and sent to [?] as a [?] servant to [Mr?]
[?] One of them of the name of  murphy last [?]
[?] not a man of the 
of [?]. The conversation began when the mystery
has after a few things
unfolded the following most horrid tale to his [companions?[
that the [?] servant and [Daly?] killed Mr [?] no [?]
[???] of money which they supposed him to have
in [?] [?] white [?] : after committing 
the act they put the body into a large chest where
it remained two days and one night, on the second
night they put it on his [Horse?] & took it to some
distance, but when he either did [????]
[??] ; [?] [deposed?] to the above [??] little
had circumstances being made known to [??]
he again [?] with a party & constable [?]
and had taken in Custody the House servant with
[further?] to whom some suspicion was attached -
Every thing was examined most minutely spots
of blood were on the saddle and the [???] in which
[?] wheat were marked with Blood as is [?]
[?] an [?], & clumsy attempts had been made
[?] with the knife.


Current Status: 
Partially transcribed