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March the first Eighteen hundred & Thirty,

I Boydell having just entered upon my twenty second year & wishing to turn discreet regular & steady have commenced a journal thinking that nothing can be more conducive to improvement than retrospect -------------
choosing three [indecipherable?] commenced settling on my own Farm with an establishment of one Freeman & Wife, two free fencers & seven assigned servants; 
1.From the three last days rain the stream is swollen that there was no [grassing?], however this morning found a [tree?]that reached -& went in search of a Horse had lost some time ago found [nil?]. In the coming Budding a Townsbund put in about 200 Tobacco plants-
2. over to my Farm in company with blackfellas who were going to [indecipherable?] : there were 3 [indecipherable?] each of whom had a stick about 2 [ft long?] to fling at the Paddy [melons?] as they passes them 3 men had spears in case of meeting with game, two or three go in the Brush, halloring all their might to drive the poor animals as the others remain outside ready for them thus killed one from Paddy [melon?] which  they [cooked?] immediately & devoured with great delight. My [H Became?] [north] yesterday it was heaven all light again & turning over the ground beautifully burning off chiefly ground very wet, rain at night
3. Most exceedingly heavy rain which lasted for a short time, crops ploughing & splitting for remaining part of Stockyard------
4. Nothing particular [until?]
[ 8th?] started my [diary?] off for the last [places] & [writing?][gives?] part lots[?] to get over. Friend took [himself?] & helpt at Captain Williams here [indecipherable]. [Stays?] [ofelow?] & Cunningham
9th. having breakfasted started the diary [indecipherable] for the arrival of any [??] much [afraid} & home [indechipherable] Helpt at
 [indecipherable] next & [Captain R????]

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