Ben Burns' Soldiers  [indecipherable]

I am a son of Man who have been in heavy wars
And shew my cuts & scars wherever I come
This here for a wench and that other in a trench
When welcoming the french at the sound of the drum
                  Lal de daddle etc
My prenticeship shaped where my leader breathed his last
When the bloody die was cast on the heights of [indecipherable]
I served out my trade when the gallant game was played
And the [indecipherable] was laid at the sound of the Drum
                     Lal de daddle etc
[indecipherable] was with Curtis among the floating Batteries
And these I left for witness an arm and a limb
Yet let my country need me with Elliott to lead me
It clatter on my Stumps at the sound of the drum
                      Fal de daddle
And now then I must beg with a wooden arm and leg
And many a tattered lay hanging over my Bum
Im as happy with my wallet my bottle and my cullet
As when I used in Scarlet to follow the Drum
                       Lal de daudle etc
What tho with hoary locks I must stand the wintry shocks
Beneath the woods and rocks often times for a home

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed