How is it? that my head so burns,
my veins enlarge, shreds my heart,
true Cupid has not dared so far.
As the thorns further, his strongest don't.
And yet! Nul I know not how
my mind the resist trifles heroe.
*Dusk kicks en cake the auracy*
full the finest Girl can this be love?

Why did dusk that river trace
my furthest leading in from home.
For when I saw this beauteous face
I trembled for my heart was gone.
thought I could trust it form - 
fancied the hero Herald born.
turned for my forth helps from thy lord
determines never to return.
I had early made a vow -
this man's chain, my heart should know
Alas! how rash feel it now -
and felt it for mere lack, when there.
Again! Troubled from my home
unconscious where my steps lead
And when the loved lord cast my light
truthful uncertain to no end -
Hid not hesitate for long
you and royally within this arv
And saw the revelation before
which I'd loved but just before.
A gracious welcome I received
him rye those higher, (I thought) on the, 
my charms were heightened to my light,
thought of! looked at thought out there,
I could not sheak but well mine eyes.
the language of my heart [?]
I thought you gave her [?] for [?]
and thirty then I felt the best,
I think I ended not will mistake.
Your eyes to often turned on here -
I would not wind your heart to head
to offer up my any to there,
the sweetest girls that grace the land
which bearth of giving birth to me
Oft highed in aim to gave the hand
Often, who gives his heart to them
Wilt them be with twentfirst do [?]!
[?] and [?] thy [?] heart,
and home the day when wï híang jûiu
Our hands and hearts no turn that


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