[1830 written in margin]
16. which turned out to be [Townshend?],  [?] & [?] who joined our party to tea making my [little?] [?]. The latter went home in the evening.

16. Kangarooing with [Townshend?] this 2 last night
[companions?] after which dined at my place & the 2 staid the night. [Recd?] from Mr [?]
17. a letter which took me off today in the hope of meeting him arrived at [P?]
to [?] where we found Captn Wright &
spent a pleasant evening [(?)]
18. One of the coldest days I remember. Rode with Captn Wright to [?], took [?] rode to Mr [Bath?] & returned to [fleet?] at [?]
passed a [pleasant?] musical evening.

19th At 12'oClock went towards [?] again
having written to [Pringle?] dined at [Grande?] 
& met Mr [Wilkinson?], Mr [Busby?] [?] [?] & the [Bells?]

20. Went to Church at [Patricks] & [heard?] a most excellent [sermon?], but all the [?] this [?] at [Corinda?] & Blaxland joined us.

21. & accompanied me to the [second?] [?]
pulled up at Townshends [?] ate dinner with Mrs Allman

22. [Wrote?] an answer to [Curtin?] & wishing to to keep a copy of that answer shall here [write?] it ( farming work. [Burning?] off. Fencing drawing in & splitting for Barn

[?] 23
Some days [ago?] I reced [from?] a [letter?] requesting me to state the [respective?] claim
of Colnl [Dumascas?] & yourself as to nails and 
Tobacco which I shall do to the best of my [memory?]
In Octr 1828 I borrowed from the Colonel's Estate to
finish your Cottage, 3200 Shingle Nails which were of so inferior a kind that I do not believe
one our of three were [?] even to drive into
[??] nor could it be as [?] to [those?]
Workmen as the Plasterer, Carpenter and [?]
with a little assistance from [Frankham?] put
the whole up, all of whom were in the habit of
driving nails, The Circumstance Mentioned
to Mr Bell at the time who told me that had
they been fit for the purpose they would them
=selves have used them. [??] at that time
left me no alternative. My [???]
in part payment 8000 good thing to [Nails?]
[???] of Tobacco on your acct
and always considered [???]
still due to you but cannot exactly remember
the quantity as Mr Bell once [merely?] [?]
me the acct which of course can easily be
referred to --
Another circumstance has surprised me very
much ( [?] that you should refuse to pay [??]
three pounds, [?] actually paid out of his pocket
on your acct to a Blacksmith who then [?]
at St [Helens?]: Before leaving your Estate & [?]
to you the [?action?] which you approved of
the amt of the Bill was three pounds some odd shillings
which I was then going to pay him by an order [upon?]
you Mr B requested [new?] as [Smith?] owed him money
which he could not get to draw in [???]
him. [? leasing?] the [means?] due to Mr Bell [who?]
he expected to see [? you?] in Sydney: You cannot [?]
[??] suprised and if you persist in [???]
[??] under circumstances to [defend?] Mr Bell & myself [???]


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