28th after a hard day's riding. On my return [?] home with some [Bush?] herd which were [by?] no means inclined to proceed, [?] with
all night by a [???]
[?] out like mad things & to my great
joy [found?] them; Townshend joined me at
night & [tho?] he would not [taste?] a [?]
at my place persuaded me to accompany
him home where we met [?] who
had just returned from [Sydney?] where
he gave us all the news with a little [?]
It was 12oClock before I got home & a little
cold but it was [?] like the [?]
29. Had a [?] treated & [??]
[?] Bullock [???]
who will now say anything against
our [Pasture?]. but Townshend [?]
30th Sunday & after reading prayers I went
over to Townshends & met [Messrs?] [??] Park & Forbes and spent a most dull day
June 5th Finished wheat sowing & [?] a [?]
...of [?] in my Farm.
built [?] days most [??]
6th Sunday at 10 clock met Webber & [Park?] at Townsends & proceeded to [?] to see the new [?] and [?] the [?] were introduced to Mr & Mrs Pilchards [Mrs?] Browning & Gilbert altogether spent an agreeable day & returned to Townshends
at 12 oclock, where I staid for [a short?] time
discussing some [Beef?] and [??] my own
place at 1 [?] [very?] much

went to Mr Webbers to meet as we thought
Townshend extra to have a [???] on
our arrival found 
[?] was osme [???] & found myself
laying down on that [?] about 3oclock to take
a little sleep if possible. after Breakfast
proceeded altogether most of them called at
my place & [at some?] most [unwholesome?] [?]
I was completely knocked up & most [???]
8th [???]
and begun to Burn off for Tobacco
9th at work burning off myself unfortunately
for about 11oclock in [?] at a stump
[stuck?] the ax head through my foot, & cut two
[veins?] which I was not aware of for some time
bandaged it up with [??] but it
would not do [? nor?] stop the Bleeding
at length sitting rather [timid?] & rode to Townshend
in [?] pain blood letting drop all the way
arrived there after [Sunday?] was when [?]
[?] was who knew that [?] was about the
best thing it luckily succeeded & just as the
[bandage?] was [?] I fainted away [from?]
loss of blood, had [?], waited a short time
bleeding to death would have been the [terrible?]
[?] is the best thing possible to [stopping?] blood
10 after passing an indifferent night breafastd
and rode to my own place where [?]
[??] sick [??] but able to toddle about
[Person?] paid me a visit and I [prevailed?]
upong him to stay & divert my Solitude in
the Evening as we were enjoying
Lemonade in place of something better
were as [?????]

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed