Item 02: Sydney B. Young war diary, 24 July-14 October 1916 - Page 110

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My Hero
(Chocolate Soldier)

I have a true and noble lover, he is my sweetheart, all my Own
His like on earth who shall discover his heart is mine & mine alone
We pledged our troth each to the other and for our happiness I pray
Our lives belong to one another (O happy happy Wedding day)

Come Come I love you only my heart is true
Come Come My life is lonely I long for you
Come Come naught can efface you
My arms are aching now to embrace you
Thou are divine
Come, Come, I love you only come hero mine

It is my duty to bow before thee, It is my duty to love, adore thee.
It is my duty to love thee ever, to love thee ever, love thee ever
We pledged etc.

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