Item 01: John Duncan McRae diary, 5 October-11 December 1917 - Page 66

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[Page 66]

the noise of the two-schools and on all sides are little groups playing at all sorts of gambling games. This practice never ceases and although the officers have forbidden it, there sees to be no abatement at all.

Early this morning I saw for the first time, a flying-fish. It was about 6 or 9 inches long & looked just like a toy aeroplane & travelled about 30 yards in the air. It is shaped roughly like this:-
[Drawing about 3 lines thick of a fish]
and seems to glide through the air without moving its wings at all.

Nov 27
As many of the hammocks which had been brought on deck got soaked with the rain & spray, Allen & I had to return to our proper

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