Item 01: John Duncan McRae diary, 5 October-11 December 1917 - Page 50

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Weather somewhat cold & rainy this morning, but still nice & cosy downstairs.
A unique announcement was made by officer last night. Just as we were getting ready for bed, singing furiously to the squeak of a fiddle, he told us that a member of the 53rd Battn had died in the afternoon and that he would be buried, or at least that the early case of his spirit would be left to the keeping of the deep until that day when 'the sea shall give up its dead'.and I thought of the picture in Jessie's book which illustrates this subject.

At 9 P.M. the engines were stopped and the ceremony of a burial at sea performed. It was with quieter hearts that we turned into our hammocks, and slept awhile!
Day turned out to be fine but

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