Item 01: John Duncan McRae diary, 5 October-11 December 1917 - Page 93

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back to the boat, arriving there at 11.30, tired, soaking with the wet, for we were caught in a shower & had doubled for part of the march. Alan & I had a shower & turned in at about 12 midnight.

On the next day, 6th Dec, we again had leave for a similar time. We went by free tram to the Zoological Gardens, which are free to soldiers and are really magnificent, though small. They are set out with great taste and are 'Gardens' in very deed.
Among other animals we saw some penguins; these are birds which cannot fly but walk upright on their legs & are sometimes called 'Soldier-birds' on that account.
There was also a fine Bengal tiger, a crocodile, a seal & a number of Australian eagles

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