Item 01: Dudley V. Walford diary, 23 September 1914 - 13 August 1916 - Page 64

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streets and although there are still misunderstandings among the obliging natives towards us yet the behaviour since then has been good and respectful. And the behaviour of the Australians in England has been a credit to the nation for they respect themselves here, dress neatly, and are seldom seen intoxicated.

Egypt lacked theatres or play houses of any interest, and this led our men to parade the streets at night, & pass their time away in drink and other harmful luxuries. During the daytime however, the pyramids, the citadel, Mosques, obelisks, etc occupied their time in sight seeing. The donkeys & garries were busy with Australian patronage and their owners will never forget the boys from Aussie. It was the night that brought forth mischievous and disgrace upon many Australians.

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