Extract & abstract' of a letter received by J. Berteretfrom James Johnstone, 22 August 1791 (Series 60.07) - No. 0002

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a Lieut in uniform among those who were beaten & received an evasive answer. I dare say the Governor thought him in the wrong

July 10 we came into False bay & Found the Ganges with 5 Transports for New S Wales, if you were to see the [indecipherable] on board these ships you would think with me that duty & Command are not sufficiently defind  there is a naval Lieut as agent but between him & the master of the Ship is a daily Contention   the officer of the Troops also thinks he has a Command so that on board often regularity & subordination are out of Practice

Our Astronomical quadrant is of Bird [rampd?] up by Ramsdens we young astronomers take upon us to Condemn its exactness & find it awkward in the ajustment

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