Letter received by Banks from Jeremiah Taylor, 28 November 1800 (Series 28.08) - No. 0002

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Bristol 28 Novr 1800


I take the liberty of addressing your Lordship relative to the encouragement that you have in your power to give to young people who wishes to render themselves servicable in any capacity their abilities may suit in any adventure to New South Wales.

And the person addressing you is about 36 years of age, has been brought up to the Cotton manufactoring  business; And understands the Theory of machinery, but not the practical part; Can give full Instructions for building of machinery to spinn Cotton, as well as Spining Flax, And have some Knowledge of woolen and [worsted?] manufactory.

He has had various fortunes in his former trade, but for some years past made no proficency never since the warr commenced with France is now willing to go abroad if such a person can be servicable in the niew Settlement at Bottany Bay or New South Wales he is ready to embark, can render himself servicable on Board, or on Shore, as Clark or [servany?], having been at Sea several times; If you think such a person worthy of  encouragement please address me as on the other side and you will much oblige.

Your Most Obedt Servt.
Jeremiah Taylor 

Decr. 1

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