Item 09: General William Holmes notebook, ca. 1914 - Page 4

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[Page 4]

Fed up

The Cavalry Mans Growl
I aint a timid man at all
Im just as brave as most
Ill take my turn in open fight
and beside my post
But riding round the whole
day long as target for a Krupp
A drawing fire from Kopps
well Im quite fed up

Theres not so many men yet
hit its luck that pulls us through
Their rifle fires no class at all
it misses me & you
But when they sprinkles shells
around like water from a cup
From that there bloomin pompom gun
Well Im fed up -

We never  gets a chance to [indecipherable]
- to do a thrust & cut
I think Ill chuck the Cavalry
& join the Mounted Foot [mounted infantry]

[A Boer War lament.   Kopp refers to a koppie, a small hill]

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