King diary, 1 April-31 August 1917 / James Clive Selwyn King - Page 19

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Left Bapaume for Pozieres, marched over the celebrated road & found it very hard after the soft ground encountered in the line.

Marched to Albert for a bath. Went to football match No. 8 V No. 18, met Tod Nicholson, Raon & C. Bowler. Came back to Pozieres in time for feed up & concert, it being Anzac day.

Saw Dentist – old Les Schooles now a captain, had tooth filled. Big guns - naval – went up, football in afternoon.


Fatigues all day, went to Theipval in afternoon. Saw hundreds of dead bodies lying about. 18 lb. shrapnel capes lay every few inches. Not an inch of ground that has not been torn up

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