King diary, 1 April-31 August 1917 / James Clive Selwyn King - Page 8

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4th April
Continued with duty of day before. In afternoon explored an old French stronghold. It runs for great distances in several directions & was very strongly protected & fortified. Some 40 ft. under ground a suite of cement rooms were built, presumedly for the staff, a little way further on were the mens quarters. All round the hill are still to be seen the cemented loopholes, where the machine guns were fixed.

Later went on tour over the old battle front of Somme & Ancre. The scene of devastation & havoc is complete in every sense of the words. It would be hard to step 2 paces, where great shells have not torn up the ground – rifle bullets & machine guns & smaller shells have left no trace, unexploded shells lie about in plenty, owing to the muddy ground, failing to give the required amt. of percussion,

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