[Nov?] 1826 to 1830 the [Early?] & [land?] a very hard time [still?]. It was impossible to sell anything. [indecipherable]  money was painfully scarce. [indecipherable] [sort?] of barter had to be [indecipherable] to 
instance. if you agreed with a
to put up a li]ne of fencing it [was?]
not uncommon &
so many [rods?] of fencing for so [indecipherable] 
bullocks or a horse or 
of which [indecipherable] had no [reputation?]
to [indecipherable] them as they have [indecipherable] 
and might was right to a [indecipherable] 
[indecipherable] . The County ws so far as is
known populated [indecipherable] by [indecipherable] settlers
who had [affairs?] [indecipherable] of land
the [Grants?]] not exceeding 2500 acres
in the Hunter. Napean. Illawarra. [indecipherable]  
Districts, and we hear of 
[indecipherable] and likely to become a [indecipherable] 
from in the Colony. also other [indecipherable] 
[indecipherable] introduced for the first time
turnips [indecipherable]  [indecipherable] on some [indecipherable] 
but is [indecipherable] as a crop [indecipherable] to be
[expanded?] upon.
The more opulent settlers commenced [for?] 
the first time to fence in their land [with?]
rail fences and [learned?] quite [indecipherable] 
at the [indecipherable] [indecipherable] for keeping [indecipherable] 
horned cattle increased very fast about 
this time and [indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable] 
year 1820 [accounts?] to 99 87 [indecipherable] 
they have a [mixed?] breed. [indecipherable] [indecipherable] 
Cape of good Hope and [indecipherable] 

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