The Most Honorable
Lo  The Lord of H M Treasury
Decr 16 May 1807

The Able Memorial of Mr James Dickson of Covent Covent Garden, Brother in Law to Mr Mungo Park now Employd (if alive) in making Discoveries in the interior of Africa under the order of H M Sec of State for the Colonial Department Hereby Sheweth

that when Mr Mungo Park undertook the Voyage & Juorney of Discovery in which (if alive) he is still Employd, which Commencd in the month of February 1805, it was agreed among other things that in Case the Said Mr Mungo Park Should   Is Still  Should not be heard of in the Space of  at the Expiration of  Two years & a half ^

^from the Time of his Leaving England

the Sum of Three Thousand Pounds Shall Should be Paid to his Wife Alison Anderson alias Park or in Case of her decease to his Executors for the use of his children

that the Said Alison Anderson alias Park is alive & has Constituted your memorialis[t] her Lawful attorney to Receive on her account & for her use the Said Sum of Three Thousand Pounds as will

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