Item 02: From Australia to Gallipoli, ca. 1916 / Dudley V. Walford - Page 23

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finished in time on account of the unexpected evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsular. No. 3 Australian General, and No. 1 Stationary hospitals accomplished splendid work, and speedily and efficiently carrying out whatever cases were allotted to their care.


it is an old, but truthful saying,
"even the dark cloud has its silver lining"
And while the battle to and fro is swaying
Someone is watching o'er your fate and mine.

You hear the call for stretcher bearers singing
From mouth to mouth sounds forth the first alarm
And soon strong, willing arms are bringing
The wounded quickly from the zone of harm

At "Red Cross Stations" nimble hands are waiting
To dress your wounds & ease your stinging pain
Perhaps you have some soft voice sweetly stating
"the fight is won, you have not fought in vain".

And then comes sleep! Perhapschance you may be dreaming
Of flowers, sunshine, and the hum of bees.
While some kind nurse with eyes of love all beaming
Whispers the words "saved by the A.M.C.s"

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