Item 02: From Australia to Gallipoli, ca. 1916 / Dudley V. Walford - Page 17

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Anzac Beach

The severe blizzard and terrific rough and angry sea which was experienced during November wrought great mischief to the stores, limbers, and piers at Walkers Ridge and Anzac Cove. The beach became strewn with wreckage which lay close to the waters brink. But beautiful weather followed that stormy weather scene, and the beach was once again made tidy until the following month when all food, clothing, ammunition, and rifles and anything which would be of use to the enemy was burnt so as to leave as little as possible to the Turks after the evacuation when the beach was left in a forsaken and desolate condition.

Throughout the Gallipoli campaign the Army Medical Corps, the Indian Mule Transport Corps and the Australian Royal Engineers did excellent work and it is to these three units that I dedicate the next three chapters.

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