Item 02: From Australia to Gallipoli, ca. 1916 / Dudley V. Walford - Page 41

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Walker's Ridge – Pope's Hill – Quinn's Post

commenced a little after dusk we attacked after gaining a position on the rear slopes by way of a very winding and steep gully which was very muddy and narrow and afforded a very difficult access.

The leading platoons after yelling and charging suffered heavily. The Turks rose as one man, fired a few volleys and then hastily retired to their second line of defence which left the hill in our possession.

The forward parties quickly ascended the slope while the line of men formed along the gully passed the ammunition from hand to hand to the front. The rear platoons working their way over the dead and wounded slowly but surely reinforced their companions as they cautiously climbed the rear slopes to jump over the sky line.

Under heavy and consistent fire we dug trenches along the crest of the hill which was most unpleasant on account of the great number of Turkish bodies which were strewn about in a most decayed state. The clayey soil, as we dug deeper, became wet and we spent a most uncomfortably, restless night.

After having held the hill for twenty four hours it was found necessary, through some failure on the part of the New Zealanders to link up with our line on the left flank, to vacate the positions which had cost

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