Item 03: Joseph George Burgess war diary, 1 January 1916-4 February 1917 - Page 93

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25 March, 1916
Well its been a queer sort of day; This morning a message came telling us that we would be relieved during the morning & to have our dinner over by 11 oclock. We thought that some out of C squadron would relieve us but we found that it was infantry. There is surely something in the wind when they send Infantry to relieve us. We got away after dinner our horses were brought to us & I was surprised when got to the "Oaks" to see all the horse lines up & every thing ready to shift. We came straight back to the old camp all of us. Tom was telling us about some of the boats that passed. There was one that was passing & no bakseech coming to light so one chap snapped out "Is Johnney Walker on board" " Yes, was the reply" Then chuck the B--- over board" was snapped back & Johnney was tossed over-board.

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