Item 03: Joseph George Burgess war diary, 1 January 1916-4 February 1917 - Page 49

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3 February, 1916
Maadi Soldiers Club
I was on Day Stables all day to day a long job & plenty to do. When the horses are fed all the troop fall in & are dismissed & then one is kept busy watching that no horse throws his nose bag off. after they are finished one has to collect the bags, clean the lines, re pair any bad leg ropes etc until it is time to fill the bags again then water the horses on the line. I was out with Perky last night, we had a long yarn & a cup of tea. I was glad to see him, he has not altered much, nor has he become a "dinkum" Soldier yet. The Y.M.C.A. tent was crowded. I looked in as I came past, there must surely be a concert on to night.

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