Item 03: Joseph George Burgess war diary, 1 January 1916-4 February 1917 - Page 47

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1 February, 1916
I have been off duty for four days now but I feel much better this evening & will be able to go on Parade to morrow alright. I believe [that?] on Sunday there was a bit of a riot in Cairo amongst the natives & couple of thousand of them paraded in front of the Sultan's Palace & made some sort of disturbance. some Egyptian Cavalry were called out & they charged the mob. Several were killed & about 16 wounded

This afternoon Harold [Seabrand?] had a fall off his horse while leading three others, - he had a lucky escape, being dragged a few yards by the stirrup, - one of the horses grazed his forehead with its foot. Last night all the boys stayed in & were in bed before seven oclock. They were all about knocked up for want of rest with running into Cairo every night.

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