Item 15: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of events at Torrens Island Internment Camp, 1915 and Holsworthy Internment Camp, 1915-ca. 1919 - Page 50

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The next wher then the Swede; after being tied in the same fashion, and stripped also he received his lashes. The Verdict had been twenty lashes also, however he wher lucky, for the Cat of Nine tails broke, as the Comandant had no other to substitute he only had the alternative left, to be satisfied in seeing 10 strokes delivered. The Camp Comandants name being Captain Hawkes, Military District Adelaide South Australia. The Residential adresse Parkside, a surburban of Adelaide S.A. The Soldiers name is Thiele
           of Mount Gambier South Australia. The Victims after the flogging wher led back to the Hospital tent, wher the doctor put some ointment on their cuts. They then wher admitted to our camp. Having a proffessional photographer in our midst they wher led to his tent, and after hawing the

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