Item 03: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 4 September-18 December 1915 - Page 113

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that will only leave 10 men besides the 3 Sig's in C. Sqd. & not a great many more in the others, & it looks as though we are left to fight a rear guard action if we are evacuating; I was very busy while on duty from 6 till 10 this morning had a trip to Bde HQ & a couple of trips to all the Sqd leaders; but at 9.30 the order to move was cancelled; No letters are to be sent away until further orders; Last night while taking the State to BDE. H.Q. I could see shrapnel shells bursting to the North (but they were too far away to hear the reports) among the hills to the North of Suvla Bay so perhaps the rumor of a landing up there is true ( 10.30 PM on duty) We have no doubt whatever now in regards to the evacuation of the Peninsila; This

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