Item 03: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 4 September-18 December 1915 - Page 82

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Sun 14th
We got a message through to-day from Bde HQ telling us to send a man down to Anzac to get a model bomb-proof shelter belonging to Col Merrington & that we should take care of it till we heard from him; I believe Col Merrington has left the Peninsula & is on his way to England apparently he has put in some of his time here inventing bomb-proofs; he always took a great interest in any movements here, & I believe he knew more about both ours & the enemy's position than any other Col on the Peninsula; The Turks & our lads on Walkers Ridge have a bomb fight every night & both sides of Artillery throw a good many shells about, but to the men in the trenches things are generally quiet.

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