Item 03: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 4 September-18 December 1915 - Page 41

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Tues 5th
A sea-plane has been busy the last few days flying over us, also aeroplanes have been showing out very consistant: & the Taubes seem to be just as busy but the pilots of both aeroplanes do not seem too anxious to clash; I have been on to Nelson on several occasions now to speak for the sand bags I want, but they have not come to light yet. Had a dip this afternoon: The war-boats still keep up a heavy fire at intervals during both day & night; Last night about 70 Turks were sighted in front of the 3rd L.H.R. a special patrol was sent out to try & find out what their game was. it was supposed they were out after our patrol as they were seen & fired on the night before, no casualties

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