Item 04: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 December 1915-18 March 1916 - Page 93

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Thurs 16th
A message came through on the 'phone last night that we were to pick up Sig Stations fromNazlet-El-Abid, Tuk-El-Khul & Ezbet-Sou-Doon today & had to be on the station from 8.30AM till 5 PM daily. so we left camp early this morning & had no trouble in getting in touch with Minia but the sun soon clouded & we could do nothing; Some natives from a village close by came up to see us working & one could speak English a little, & as we were leaving to come back to camp at 1 oclock, he asked us to have tea with him, & as we were in no hurry decided to humor him & were soon under a huge covering made of bags & enjoyed as much

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