Item 15: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of events at Torrens Island Internment Camp, 1915 and Holsworthy Internment Camp, 1915-ca. 1919 - Page 106

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the Camp. Owing this "Shop" being under the charge of the Camp Comandant, while Internees wher selected to do serving, we Internees never know the Net results of proffit made thereof. I know some of it went to pay for eathen pipes, to assist in the drainage of our Camp also to buy a big "Lightn'ing Plant" to lighten the Barbwire fence, wich encircles our Camp, to enable the "Guard" to keep a closer watch on our Boundary fence. "Some of it also got used to buy 3 great Stoves" capable to prepare the daily food for 5000 Prisoners. However to better our Condition in Camplife or Recreation never a Penny got used. Gambling: Wher there is a lot of Men, their bound to be also a certain amount of gambling going on. Our Camp being no exception to this Rule. Their wher Card playing, Monte Carlo, Dice Games Roulette, in fact illegal chance games of any discriptiones. Any keepers of these "Shools" reaped Money in large summes. Money exchanged Hands allmost daily. I hawe seen a Internee loosing 15 £ in two days. Owing the Instructiones being issued, Gambling prohibited under penalty made the "Bankers" carefull. They stationed Spys on several places for their safety, for wich service they got well payd, owing the risky work it was, as they

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