Item 04: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 December 1915-18 March 1916 - Page 69

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Frid 18th
This morning Cpl Guthrie went in to Beni-Mazar with a party of 4 men to bring out more ammunition (52 cases) I had a very easy time at the well last night went to bed as soon as it was dark & never woke till sunrise;

A transport goes from here to B troop every , & they are having a very fair time by all accounts but fare no better than we do for tucker; Boxing after tea & then went to the canal with several other lads, & had a swim; The niggers selling, Egyptian cigarettes, matches, candles, & occasionally bread & jam charge terrible prices 1/- for a small loaf of bread; An Egyptian Officer has turned up a few times , & brought the prices down a little, but the natives send them up again as soon as they leave.

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