Item 15: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of events at Torrens Island Internment Camp, 1915 and Holsworthy Internment Camp, 1915-ca. 1919 - Page 167

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as light in the Camp, as wher permissable. So on Sept 2nd 1915 this benefit toke place in our Thearther & realised about  £125 in one Night. These sume wher dividet amongst 16 woundet & Invalides of H.M.S. Emden. The first few rows in the Theather the Pris payd willingly  £2.10 & a few Seats at the last Bench realized "after american auction  £11.6.6. The Programme wich got auctionered after the same style brought  £13.10. The result of the sale of Coffee and in Camp manufacured Cakes addet another  £6. These wher a shure sign that Germanes allways are willing to asist in the best of their ability, in case of need. I do not wishe the Readers to think that we all had a banking acount so could well afford to help. No. Allthough I give the wealthy all their Credit due, for they helped in a great Majority that the takings wher so high. However I also thank the Working Class wich brought all their hard earned shillings to the Ticketbox & so assisted to the best of their ability in the Susccess. These Evening of the Benefits" will be a "memory" to live in my Memmory for

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