Item 01: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 19 December 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 88

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March, 1915
Sunday 28
Posted diary yesterday will be glad to hear if you receive these notes. Am trying to get leave to go to "Luxoor" to see Temples etc & Karnuak – said to be the oldest buildings in the world & temples of rameses & duron etc; with [indecipherable] of Sphinxes etc 4000 B.C. Terrific Duststorm today & the camp obliterated in the desert sand with millions of Locusts darkening the sky, quite droughty weather but it never rains in Egypt.
Saw Miss Alice McCulloch (Colin's daughter) & Audrey Chirnside at the Continental Balls, but of course they did not know me. Sheila Chisholm also there.

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