Item 01: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 19 December 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 224

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August, 1915
Friday 13
My wound is a little more serious than I thought. 101 Temp today –
Xrayed & a bit of bone out latest instructions to irrigated & dressed 3 times a day [indecipherable] back for a week but I have [indecipherable] not writing too thankful to be here –
Just heard that Col Stodard of 2 reg – L.H. was killed Col Rowall 3rd L.H. died in boat. Our Brigade is "Mafish" X but we all feel now that we did our bit.
My 2 Louse Bags are hanging on a nail & my Yass Helmet like a big Balaclava with [indecipherable] window I shall try to keep for future use.

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