Item 01: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 19 December 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 243

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September, 1915
Wednesday 1
"Ali" an old Soudanese soldier of Kitcheners Army (& now [indecipherable] or Sgt Major of our seyces who look after horses comes every 2nd day & brings me Roses & "Frangi Pangi" he is as black as coal & always tells me how much horses are; & if the seyces are working well – if they don't he gives them the Bastina "flog soles of feet on quiet.
N.B. Head dress of Turkish soldiers as mentioned in Papers is wrong they do not wear Fez or Tarbush but a Khaki flop sort of peaked cap with sunshade neck flap at Back [sketch of cap]
Long top boots like Russians & Khaki tunics -

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