Item 03: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 1 January-31 December 1917 - Page 340

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leave - 2-12 p.m.
Moascar – 5
From Ismalia 6.15 a.m.
fast 10-7 (best)
5654 Report
A.P.M. arrival by telephone.

[Transcriber's notes:
Abasan el Kebir – misspelt as Abasan Kebir, Abassan Kebir
Abu Sitta – misspelt as Abussitta
Beersheba – misspelt as Bersheba
Bulawayo – misspelt as Buluwayo
El Burg – possibly El Burj
El Gamli – also know as Gamli
El Shellal – sometimes spelt as Shellal
Gallipoli – misspelt as Galipoli
Khan Yunis – misspelt as Khan Yunas, Khan Yunus
Kut – possibly Kut el Amara
Magdhaba - misspelt as Maghdabad, Maghaba, Magdaba, Magdahasa
Mazar – sometimes spelt as Mazaar
Moascar – misspelt as Moasca
Sheikh Zowaiid – misspelt as Sheik Zowabin or Sheik Zowaid
Wadi el Ghuzze – misspelt as Wadi Guzzi
Spumati – possibly Spumante

L.H. – Light Horse
N.Z.M.R. – New Zealand Mounted Rifles
B.H.Q. – Brigade Headquarters
R.T.O. – Railway Transport Officer
D.H.Q. – Divisional Headquarters
G.O.C. – General Officer Commanding
T.B.D. – Torpedo-Boat Destroyer
T.S.R. – Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance
O.C. – Officer Commanding
A.G.H. – Australian General Hospital

Khamsin – a hot violent wind in the desert
Wadi sometimes spelt Wady]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert for the State Library of New South Wales]

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