Item 05: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 1 January - 5 April 1919 - Page 22

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Wednesday 22 January 1919
We have an officer on the Peninsular attending to Anzac graves, some have been violated by Turks.
Rumoured Gallipoli men are to wear the Mons ribbon so it means another one for me. The word "Digger" applied to Australian soldiers is NOT correct here & was never heard 12 mos. ago, more common in France I believe. Letter from Mother & Day Nov. 17. You will have many from me ere this, a long time coming over 2 months! You need not fear about "Dolly", she is such a sweet disposition, I am sure will be happy at Bronte. It all depends when she arrives, but may be with you ere these notes reach you.

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