Item 02: Sydney B. Young war diary, 24 July-14 October 1916 - Page 103

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"Quaker Girl"

Come with me Come to the ball
Music & Merriment call
Golden & Gay are the lamps above
Every tune is a song of love
Ladies that come to the ball
I am in love with you all
Each has a part in my heart
At the ball At the ball
Come to the dances while you may
Flowers & Romance fade with the day
Come in your beauty fair as a rose
Dancing's a duty everyone knows

A Long Long Trail

There's a long long trail a winding
Into the land of my dreams
Where the Nightingale is singing
And the White moon beams
Theres a long long night of waiting
Till my dreams all come true
Till the day when I'll be going
Down the long long trail with you

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