Item 03: Sydney B. Young war diary, 15 October 1916-14 April 1917 - Page 3

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[Transcriber's note:
Larkhill Camp, Wiltshire
p.13–17 4 days leave – London, visits relatives at Luton.
p.38 Sails for France
p.47 Bailleul (Merris)
p.52 Armentieres
p.55 Advice from Tommies
p.58 Soldiers philosophy
p.59 In the trenches for first time
p.86 Wounded by shell fragment
p.89 Kitchener's No 3 Hospital, Brighton, England
p.94 York Place Hospital, Brighton
p.101 No.1 Australian Auxillary Hospital, Harefield Park
p.108-138 14 days furlough. Travels to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford,                    
Hampstead Heath on Easter Monday.
p.140- 155 Verses by Sydney Young]

S.B.Young D Co
36th Battn Band

Finder please return or to
Mrs K. Young
5th Avenue Campsie


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