Item 03: Sydney B. Young war diary, 15 October 1916-14 April 1917 - Page 156

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[Page 156]

The innocent moan, and we try not to fret,

Till our hearts in their sorrow cry out to avenge them,
And Providence ponders, but still Says "Not Yet"

And the souls that are trampled lie torn and lie bleeding
Call out in despair to the "One over all"

And his heart in it's pity gives ear to their pleading
They smile as he tells us "Come lad 'Tis the call"

So we arm for we know that the God who withheld us
Now speeds us to fight in a cause that's divine

So we'll fight or we'll die for the peace that is coming
For wrongs that have past, God says "Vengeance is mine"

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