Item 06: Sydney B. Young war diary, 2 February-1 September 1918 - Page 13

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11th The 11th & 9th have straightened the line last night and all is ready to push out again. The Canadians on our Rt. are well ahead.
5 Fritzies came over this morning & got a good eyeful of us. We brought down 3 new ones. Albatross type.

12th Relieved by Lanc. Fus. of 17 div. Went back to Vaire

15th Back to Sailly Sec. It is a marvellous difference to when we were here last. The line runs now approx Bray-Lihons-Roye-Noyon. Souvenired Pomme-de-terre. Among recent captures are 3 complete trains, hospital, 1 corps, 3 div. Hqrs.

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