Item 01: John Duncan McRae diary, 5 October-11 December 1917 - Page 35

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the invitation given by one of the boys to have a trip to Manly and a little light refreshments, strawberries & cream etc down George St.
Gambling is going on everywhere, two-up , cards etc; needless to say we "taboo" all such things. We are very thankful that the 'canteen ale' has only 2 percent of spirits in it and consequently there is no drunkenness aboard, for the men could drink this stuff all day without serious results accruing.

Matters looked like the 'real thing' when we were all issued with life-belts and ordered to parade with them on this morning. But alarm was unnecessary, for the life-belt parade is merely a precoutionary measure to prepare us for possible future emergencies. We have

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