Item 01: John Duncan McRae diary, 5 October-11 December 1917 - Page 82

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by the aid of the wind scattered itself, & us all over the deck . There was a hurried awakening, a grabbing for blankets, shirts etc in the dark & an ignominous descent into our more sheltered but less comfortable quarters in the fore-hold; and on the floor of that latter place, in a spare corner, yours truly dossed till 5.30 as though nothing had happened.

Last night at 7.30 we lowered a second chap into a watery grave. He had been coughing the night before & broke a blood-vessel and died within about 16 hours. Once more we were assembled in our quarters and those who wished were marched right aft to witness the short ceremony; and "his day's work was done".

Dec 4
It was very stormy when we turned

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