Item 01: Walter V. Wright diary, 27 October 1915-11 February 1916 - Page 22

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Just heard got to vacate my dug out we'll dig no more, Sigs busted up dam the army

7/11/15 - feeling crook, our company goes to reinforce Lighthorse tonight Rumour says were going to take a trench

8/11/15 - Went to the Light Horse outfit last night took what we wanted 18 casualties plenty of bombs, feeling better

9/11/15 - nothing doing. Capt Simpson gone to grass, sick

10/11/15 - 6 o'clock AM, looks wet, chap just told me that Birdwood's been given a week to do the job, I, being the idiot, asked what job "why grow feathers on his tail like any ordinary "birdwould" smart eh.

11/11/15 to 16/11/15 - nothing doing at all

17/11/15 - Went to see the Dr Re my ivories, over a fortnight now, nothing doing Oh he says "hang on", this hanging on racket is up to putty come up "he says and get some light diet " taking into consideration the fact that I have to walk about a mile up a big hill to get it, and when I do I can just see a little bit of

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