Item 01: Walter V. Wright diary, 27 October 1915-11 February 1916 - Page 40

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you may as well complain to a log of wood as spit it out to any of the officers but the officers or "one star artists" as they are called are just about on par with a block of wood.
Went up to get the impression taken for my teeth today and the joint said id have to get two more out, I got em, Gee he was some dentist, nearly pulled my head off and it was with a blessing and a softly spoken curse that I left that tent so have to wait another fortnight before my gums heal, Ive been over 3 months now without them. Oh its some life this sporting life. I wonder what it would be like to sleep in a decent bed get up at a decent hour have a bath and put on some clothes that

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